A million-plus reasons to thank Newcastle’s record-breaking business generator David Meigh

North Staffordshire businesses have over a million reasons to thank technology and telecoms expert David Meigh.

David, of the aptly named Enable Business, Newcastle-under-Lyme, is the first Staffordshire BNI member to pass over £1 million in business referrals to members of the international network marketing organisation.

Tony Altham, Executive Director of BNI, said: “David’s success is phenomenal. We know he’s referred over £1 million of invoiced business in the last 10 years, but that only covers the period when we have had computerised records, and the true figure is much higher. His dedication to finding business leads has become legendary among BNI members and he’s a perfect example of our motto – Givers Gain.”

BNI has groups across Staffordshire and has membership of around 200 businesses. Members of each chapter meet weekly and work to support each other. A key factor Is members finding new business for other chapter members, with each member practically working as an ambassador for everyone else in their group.

David has been a member of the Britannia chapter since 16th March 2009. BNI Britannia, recently moved to a new venue, the North Stafford Hotel, and currently has 37 members.

He said; “We have a very supportive environment which allows local business owners to thrive. In February, we became the first Staffordshire BNI chapter to pass over £2m in referrals in a single calendar year. I have been a member since the early days and recall those meetings where a small group of businesses met in the reception at Waterworld.

“I am currently the chapter President which means I’m responsible for the smooth running of the weekly meetings and I am always looking to support members and bring new people on board. To be a good referrer, you have to get to know each members’ business inside out and take time to invest in their success. It is about listening and creating potential links.”

David, aged 50 and from Knutton, founded Enable in 1993, selling mobile phones. Telecoms are still a big part of the business along with IT services and website development. Enable has a team of three and is based on London Road, Newcastle.

“We started the business in a shop in The Parade, Silverdale, relocated to Liverpool Road, Newcastle, and then moved along the A34 to our current location on the south side of the town,” added David. “We have many loyal customers who have been with us for well over a decade and BNI ensures we gain a regular pipeline of new and repeat business every year.”


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