Alice Charity help 56 families to enjoy a little Christmas cheer

Charity delivered total of 325 gifts to children, teens and parents
A family support charity in North Staffordshire helped 56 families enjoy an unexpected Christmas treat.
The Alice Charity was determined that under-privileged families received at least one gift during the festive season.
“We were struck by the fact that some families in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme could not even consider buying presents for their children this year,” explained Alice founder and Chief Executive Steph Talbot.
“It was heartbreaking to hear teenagers tell their mums to forget them and spend what little was available on their younger brothers and sisters. That really hit home.”
But an appeal for help saw local residents and businesses come forward with a host of items which Alice were able to distribute to families in need.
Alice Charity was able to deliver 325 gifts. These included 146 presents for children, 65 teenage gift bags, seven gift bags for mums and three for dads.
Around 50 of the teenage gift bags were given to young people in temporary accommodation at the YMCA in Hanley.
Alice Charity was formed in 2011 by Steph Talbot, her daughter Emily Petts and Donna Lea. They recognised that many low income families fall through the welfare gap and miss out on social, emotional and financial support.
The charity relies on public support and donations of nursery equipment, furniture and household essentials along with the support, in terms of time, given by a host of Alice volunteers.