Cannock Optometrist Practise is first to invest in world leading eye health scanner

Customers of an independent Cannock optician are among the first in Staffordshire to benefit from cutting edge technology that could save their sight.

Chase Eye care has invested in a state of the art 3D OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) scanner and is offering the world leading technology to anyone looking for an eye examination.

The scanner, which uses harmless light waves to take a cross sections of the back of the eye to check for conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes and Macular degeneration, is generally only available in specialist eye care hospital units. Patients would normally have to endure a waiting list to benefit from the groundbreaking diagnostic procedure.

But,  Shakeel Puri Clinical Director of Chase Eyecare at High Green, Cannock, has invested more than £50,000 in bringing OCT to his practice. Customers can take advantage of the sight-saving tests during a general eye test and receive their results in minutes.

“Conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma can cause blindness if not detected at an early stage,” said Mr Puri.

“OCT scanning is hospital grade cutting edge technology which allows optometrists not only to examine the back of the eye but to take a cross section of the layers of the retina.

“It allows instant diagnosis of a number of conditions which can lead to severe loss of vision and even blindness.

“Normally patients will only be referred for an OCT scan once damage has been detected. Opticians will refer patients for a hospital scan and, unless they have private medical insurance, they may have to join a waiting list.

“By having OCT in store, we can provide early diagnosis at a stage where preventative treatment can be planned.”

Chase Eyecare has had the ability to take high resolution ‘surface’ images of the retina since 2005. But now, thanks to OCT. Mr Puri and his clinical team has the ability to see beneath the surface while still incorporating high resolution photography; essentially 3D volumetric imaging.

Mr Puri added: “We see the purchase of the scanner as an investment in our patient’s health. We are continually up-dating our equipments and treatments and place an emphasis on providing services that may not generally be available at a town centre opticians.

“This extends to initiatives such as home visits for our elderly patients.”

Chase Eyecare is now registering for new NHS patients, please book your appointment at our Cannock practise 01543 570313 or Hednesford at 01543 422198.