Cheshire hygiene specialists on track to fight Covid-19 after striking deal with Amey Rail


Cheshire hygiene specialists Qualkem Brands is helping a major rail company to stay on track by providing specialist fogging machinery to fight against Covid-19.

A serious Covid-19 outbreak recently shut down Amey Rail’s Manchester Gorton Rd offices, leading to staff being sent home.

But Amey Rail is now fighting back with the support of the Electrosan Februus Fogging System which has the capability to spray Hypochlorous at high pressure to create an ultra-dry atmospheric fog which will kill all known germs, but is harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.

Crewe-based Qualkem Brands developed the state of the art highly portable machine to support the fight back against Covid-19. It is designed specifically for use with its Electrosan Skin and Surface Anti-viral Spray, a stabilized hypochlorous all-purpose sanitiser which protects against all Covid strains and is completely safe to use. In contrast to alcohol-based products, Electrosan actually is safe for everyone, including babies and animals.

Qualkem Brands is the parent brand of Repclif Chemical Services, based at Macon Way, Crewe.

Ian Hill, National Sales Manager for Qualkem Brands, said the only way to ensure a complete building sanitation is with atmospheric fogging.

He added: “We have undergone 18 months of and Development to perfect our portable Electrosan fogging system and to gain Amey Rail as our first customer is incredible.

“The team at Amey Rail were keen to ensure the safety of their staff, but at the same time purchase a machine that was easy to use, had no harmful chemicals and most importantly no down time for rooms or staff.

“The only way to ensure a complete sanitation is with atmospheric fogging. Our Electrosan Februus Fogging System will give you peace of mind that up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses have been killed within minutes without impact to your daily routine. Electrosan is a clinically proven alcohol free hypochlorous solution which is harmless to humans, animals and the environment, yet lethal to all known pathogens.”

Amey Rail is using Electrosan to sanitise all offices, training rooms, toilets, showers, canteens, and public areas along with vans, minibuses and welfare units.

Alan Gray, of Amey Rail, said: “The main attraction of the Electrosan Februus Fogging System was the safety factor and the dryness of the fog, along with the fact of the Electrosan being COSHH free which means it is free of all hazardous substances.

“The machine is easy to operate which allows us to ask staff across multi-disciplines to use it following basic training, which is vital to our company during busier times.”

Qualkem Brands has a comprehensive range of products for markets including camping and caravanning, portable toilets, the boating/marine community,  brass instruments and supplying market leading healthcare products into the dental and veterinary sectors.


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