Croft Architecture helps to build a thirst for micro-pubs

Croft Architecture is helping to slake a new found thirst for real ale and craft beer in Staffordshire.
The Stafford based architects have been successful in gaining planning permission for three new micro-pubs in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.
“There’s been a revolution in the tastes of beer drinkers, with many people moving away from mass produced beer, and this has sparked an interest from beer enthusiasts with an ambition to run their owned licensed premises,” explained Carl Croft.
“As a result, we are seeing the rise of the micro-pub. These often involve the conversion of vacant shops into pubs which cater for small numbers of customers.
“At Croft Architecture we have received a growing number of enquiries from people looking to set up a micro-pub. In the past month we have gained planning permission for micro-pubs in London Road, Stoke, Hartshill Road, Hartshill and Bridge Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme.
The Stoke premises was formerly a carpet shop, Hartshill Road housed a café and Bridge Street was an unused office.
Tom Achtmanis, a member of the Croft Architecture team, previously worked on plans for the award winning Bridge Street Ale House, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Grum and Tansy who opened the Bridge Street Ale House have gone back to Tom for his input on their second venture at London Road.
Said Tom: “In planning terms, micro-pubs can be seen as a good solution to the problem of empty shops. They bring people and, therefore, spending power into an area and are known to be used by people who are looking to enjoy a drink in convivial surroundings. There is rarely ever even a suggestion of anti-social behaviour.”
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