Darren turns author to debunk the health and safety myths

A company director is helping to debunk the myths around health and safety with the production of an easy to follow training manual.

Health and Safety expert Darren Bedson, of Stoke-based BPA Services Ltd., has turned author to write and publish Simple Steps on How to Write a Risk Assessment which is available on Amazon in both paper back and Kindle editions.

“We have all heard the jokes about ‘health and safety gone mad’ and listened to grumbles of how people are jumping through hoops because of regulation, but this is largely untrue,” said Darren.

“I wrote my book to address some of the myths and to give businesses an easy to follow manual on addressing risk.”

“The Health and Safety regulations are simply there to reduce risk – not to stop people actually doing the things they need to do.”

Darren is among an elite group in the industry to be recognised as a Chartered Fellow of IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

He added: “Sales and downloads are going well and we have had very positive feedback from businesses who have found Simple Steps on How to Write a Risk Assessment informative and useful.”

Simple Steps on How to Write a Risk Assessment is available here –     https://www.amazon.co.uk/Simple-Approach-Safety-Steps-Assessment-ebook/dp/B01NCE2WAH/ref=pd_zg_rss_nr_b_268292_9


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Notes to Editors:

BPA Services, of Leek Road, Stoke, provide a complete health and safety service for companies across the UK and Ireland. To learn more about BPA Services please go online to http://www.bpa-services.com/