Extra clinics and a new staff member at Peak Chiropractic

An award-winning chiropractor is expanding its services after taking on a specialist sports therapist.

Andrew Smy established clinics in Hanley and Leek after founding Peak Chiropractic in 2015. Now sports therapist Daniel Thompson has joined Peak Chiropractic, allowing Andrew to add new clinics in Hanley, with more sessions planned in Leek later this year.

“From the start of April, we will be adding Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon sessions at our clinic in Broom Street, Hanley, and we will announce new clinics at Leek Medical Centre once we have negotiated more hours at the Fountain Street building,” said Andrew.

“Daniel is fully qualified, having achieved a B.Sc. degree in sports therapy and is undertaking additional post graduate training already to allow him to work in accordance with the clinics unique style of treatment heavily based in Applied Kinesiology and Functional Neurology. He studied at Staffordshire University and has already done over six-months shadowing my work at the clinic.

“His training as a sports therapist brings a fresh angle to diagnosis and treatment at the clinic whilst also give him the scope to maintain the clinics primary role in health care.”

Andrew and Daniel work with patients to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions using a variety of different Chiropractic techniques to tailor treatment to the needs of a patient. They are unique in the area in offering Applied Kinesiology, a speciality which goes beyond general chiropractic procedures to offer a holistic approach by evaluating structural, mental and chemical health.

In his first year as a business owner, Andrew won the Royal College of Chiropractors Patient Partnership Quality Mark and holds the Quality Mark for Clinical Management. He has now been awarded the Patient Partnership Quality Mark for a second time.

The Hanley Clinic is now open on Mondays and Tuesdays and Thursday until 8pm and until 5pm on Saturdays, with Leek operating on Wednesdays and Fridays.

To find out more on Peak Chiropractic please go online to www.peakchiropractic.co.uk.