Film makers score a deal to tell the inspiring story of Leicester City’s Premier League title win


Investment in the latest 360 degree film technology is helping Inspired Film and Video score with Premier League champions Leicester City.

The Stoke-on-Trent based company is a seasoned campaigner at Premier League level as it produces regular footage from the top English league for Danish TV.

And Inspired’s latest success has seen them working on the Fearless Foxes exhibition which celebrates the incredible rise of Leicester City from relegation favourites to Premier League champions.

Recently launched at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Leicester, Fearless Foxes the most remarkable season in Leicester City’s history.

“We followed the Leicester story as the season unfolded as we report on the Premier League for Channel 6, in Denmark,” explained Inspired Film and Video Director, Michael McDonald.

“This meant that we have been able to use fan interviews taken throughout the season, from last August when many feared another relegation struggle through to the sheer delight of finishing the season as Champions.”

Inspired have won acclaim for their documentary and promotional film work and have now begun the production of 360 degree virtual reality films.

A virtual reality tour of Leicester City’s King Power Stadium is currently in production as a major addition to the films created by Inspired for the Fearless Foxes exhibition.

Significant investment in new staff and equipment has seen Inspired grow in 2016. The company now has eight staff members based at Federation House, Stoke.

Work on the Leicester City story is the latest part of a successful move into the sports market by Inspired.

Michael said: “Sport has become an increasing part of our offer and our growing expertise is gaining the attention of from football clubs, other sports and sports manufacturers.

“We’ve worked in football a lot with Stoke City, West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United and now Leicester City as well but are also working in sports like hockey and are off to work with some Irish rugby clubs shortly.”

“The growth in 360 degrees filming is proving ideal for work in the sports performance sector as sporting clubs look to gain an armoury of statistics in a bid to find a crucial edge over their rivals.”

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