From zero to 100 customers – celebrating 10 years of growth at UK Business IT

A decade in business has seen UK Business IT grow year on year, serving customers across the Midlands and North West.

Experienced IT experts Mark Swann, Ian Gloyne and David Sleight took a leap of faith when they founded UK Business IT in summer 2010.

“We had an office and the knowledge built up from years in the sector, but we started without a single customer,” said Mark. “We have built the business gradually, improving turnover year on year and we now have nine staff, over 100 contracted customers and others that we offer support to on a more ad hoc basis.”

UK Business IT now turns over £750,000 a year and, three years ago, moved from its original base in Pennant House, Etruria, to the Cauldon Locks Business Centre, investing more than £50,000 in spacious offices, with high speed internet and a high quality work environment for its growing team.

Mark said: “Tech equipment has made major leaps forward in the past 10 years, the iPad was just being launched, social media platforms such as Instagram didn’t exist and hardly anyone paid for goods online. Along with Ian and David, I’ve spent my entire working life in IT and am one of the most experienced industry professionals in the UK. The key to our success is that we have constantly evolved alongside the evolution of technology and have combined knowledge with a concentration on excellent customer service.

“Most of our customers are within an hour drive time of Stoke-on-Trent and we provide a 60-minute emergency call out for our retained customers. However, with the advances in technology, many problems can be solved remotely within a few minutes and the importance of that has been brought even more sharply into focus during the recent Covid-19 lockdown.

“The pandemic has seen huge rises of people working from home and effective, reliable, hi-tech communications are more vital than ever before. This has led to new opportunities for the IT sector but, of course, we also have to be mindful that lockdown will undoubtedly result in companies suffering and jobs being lost, so the outlook is challenging.”

“Our growth is dependent on our ability to respond to change and having the right team of professionals in place. We have a highly trained, knowledgeable team who can help across all IT support needs and are adaptable to meet our customers’ needs.”

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