Giles Duley is first Find A Better Way Ambassador

Landmines campaigner Giles Duley has been unveiled as the first Ambassador for research charity Find A Better Way.

For the last decade, Giles, from London, has been using his photography to highlight the lasting legacy of war on civilians. He has been particularly focused on campaigning against landmines and this work became even more relevant when he stepped on a landmine while working in Afghanistan in February 2011.

Giles lost both legs and an arm in the incident but says his recovery was spurred on by his determination to continue his work to highlight the plight of landmine victims.

“I am really honoured to have been appointed as Ambassador for Find A Better Way, and excited about the work ahead” said Giles. “I believe that I can draw on my years of experience working in post conflict areas and my own accident to give people an insight into why Find A Better Way’s work is so vital.”

Founded by Sir Bobby Charlton, Find A Better Way is unique in funding technological research projects with the aim of making major improvements to humanitarian landmine detection and destruction.

Current techniques have changed little since the Second World War and, y funding university led research, Find A Better Way is determine to cut detection and destruction rates by more than half, saving millions of lives around the world.

Giles’ early career saw him gain great success in the glamorous world of fashion and music, however he always had the sense that he could do more with his photography. It was this desire to tell other peoples stories through his work that led Giles to team up with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to document the plight of civilians caught in conflict and the legacy of landmines.

 “My own injuries have made me even more determined to help. For many in less fortunate countries than the UK, the landmine blast is effectively the end of their lives. They are alive but face a lifelong struggle.

“I was fortunate in that I had the opportunity to rebuild my life and the idea that I could help spurred me on.

“I try to us my camera as a voice for those who do not have one.”  

“There are still landmines being put down today in places such as Syria. Yet little has changed in terms of the technology used to find mines – that is why the work of Find A Better Way is so crucial.”

Sir Bobby Charlton set up Find A Better Way after witnessing the untold misery caused by unexploded landmines during visit to Cambodia and the Balkans. 

Funding for the Find A Better Way projects has been raised by fostering links with the global risk industry 

The United Nations estimates that there are more than 110 million landmines in 70 countries and that it would currently take more than 1,100 years and cost more than 33 billion US Dollars to clear them. 


For further information contact Nigel Howle on 07762043436, email [email protected] 

Notes to Editors:

Find A Better Way is working with research scientists to develop technology to accelerate the detection and safe removal of the estimated 110 million landmines in place around the world. 

Find A Better Way is based at Booths Hall, Knutsford, Cheshire. 

For more information on Find A Better Way, please visit their website at