Industrial workers could be in line for compensation after their hearing was damaged while at work.

Leading industrial injury lawyers Attwood Solicitors are offering free hearing tests for workers in the Wirral, Cheshire East and North Wales area.

A special event – where hearing loss victims can get free assessments from trained audiologists – will be held on 8 December.

Current and retired workers are being advised to telephone Attwood Solicitors on 0800 587 3231.  A venue for the hearing day will be arranged based on where the largest demand for the service comes from.

Attwood Solicitors is bringing its hearing awareness campaign to Chester, Cheshire East, the Wirral and North Wales after a series of successful events elsewhere in the English Midlands and North West.

Around 1,000 people have sought help about industrially induced hearing difficulties from Attwood Solicitors.

Among workers to have received compensation is Cheshire welder Stephen Rothwell.

Stephen was recently awarded £12,000 after suffering hearing problems while working for Winsford based Henry Smith Constructional Engineering between 1976 and 2003.

The 50-year-old plater welder, was never advised to wear ear protectors despite working in a very noisy steel fabrication factory.

The noise has resulted in Tinnitus and led to Stephen losing around 50 per cent of his hearing.

Experts say many older and retired workers are now suffering hearing loss after being subjected to high levels of noise while working in heavy industries during the 1960s to 1980s and even 1990s.

Attwood Solicitors is currently acting for workers from a range of industries including truck manufacturing, mining, shipbuilding, tyre making and pottery companies.

Ashley Attwood, Principal Solicitor at Attwood Solicitiors, said: “Heavy industry brings a legacy of injury, including hearing problems, yet many workers who experienced hearing loss while working in extremely noisy environments have simply put up with it.

“Attwood Solicitors are working to help workers from Barrow to the Black Country after holding a string of hearing days across the Midlands and North West of England in recent months. Compensation levels will vary with clients receiving up to £15,000.”

Hearing experts say any sound above 80 decibels – the equivalent of an alarm clock going off – is considered dangerous and many older people are now suffering from damage caused before current health and safety standards were introduced.

“Employees may wrongly believe it is too late to claim compensation,” said Mr Attwood. “People perhaps don’t realise that even if the damage was caused many years ago they may still be entitled to get help and compensation.”

“Our reputation as a leader in the personal injury field is based directly on the relationships we build with our customers.

“We are not simply seeking compensation we are working to give clients the help they deserve and need to put their lives back on track.”


For further information contact Ashley Attwood on 0800 587 3231or log on to www.attwoodsolicitors.co.uk.

Notes to Editors:

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More than £2.25 million has been successfully claimed by Attwood Solicitors to help people who have suffered in an accident.

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