Hearing event gives compensation hope for Potteries workers

Industrial injury experts who have helped hundreds of people pursue compensation for hearing damage suffered at work across the UK are planning to help people in their home city of Stoke-on-Trent. 

Attwood Solictors have pursued claims for manufacturing workers from Cumbria to Southampton. 

Now the Potteries based solicitors practice is planning a hearing advice day on home turf in Burslem on Friday, 27 April. 

Principal Solictor, Ashley Attwood, said: “Attwood Solicitors is currently advising over 500 workers throughout England and Wales and has won compensation for over 100 workers who have had their hearing damaged while at work. 

“We work with audiologists who will be available at the Burslem Hearing Day to give people a free examination and to offer advice on whether they have suffered industrial related hearing damage. 

“Evidence gathered from workers reveals that many factories failed to provide adequate hearing protection until the 1990s.  As a result many thousands of people are suffering from conditions such as Tinnitus.” 

The Hearing Advice Day will be held at Attwood Solicitors, St John’s Square, Burslem, office. 

Attwood Solicitor’s work closely with audiologists Hear4U and Dr Grant Charlesworth Jones, a GP who specialises in industrial injury cases. 

Dr Charlesworth Jones said: “My work with Attwood Solicitors is raising awareness of a major issue.  For many years workers had their hearing damaged because employers failed to provide adequate protection. 

“However, people have tended to just put up with hearing loss and put it down to getting older. 

“In my experience people are reticent about coming forward – but they should be compensated and the law provides for that.”  

Free consultations with an audiologist can be arranged by telephoning Attwood Solicitors on 0800 587 3231 or by going online to www.attwoodsolicitors.co.uk.


For further information contact Ashley Attwood on 01782 416016 www.attwoodsolicitors.co.uk.

Notes to Editors: 

Any sounds above 80 decibels – about the equivalent of an average alarm clock going off – are considered dangerous but many older people are now suffering from damage caused before current health and safety standards were introduced. 

Attwood Solicitors are personal injury specialists based in Hartshill Road, Stoke-on-Trent. More than £2 million has been successfully claimed by Attwoods to help people who have suffered in an accident.