Helping to change people’s lives with business aid scheme

Chris Pettitt

Staffordshire accountancy practice is helping change lives for the better by participating in an innovative aid programme.  

Dove Accountants Tax and Business Advisors have joined the Buy1Give1 scheme which gives businesses the opportunity to donate to specific courses in exchange for services sold. 

A recent course in social media organised at Dove Accountants’ Uttoxeter town centre offices resulted in a goat being donated to a Kenyan family. 

And there are many other causes to choose from such as providing clean water, education, or health support to people in poverty across the Globe. 

“Buy1Give1 is a great way of using charity donations to make a real difference.” said Chris Pettitt from Dove Accountants. 

“When people buy a service the money a donation is allocated to a specific cause. 

“For example, we hosted a course in social media for our clients and this resulted in one Kenyan family receiving a goat, There are many projects to choose from such as training a farmer, educating a child for   a year, or helping to fund sanitation projects.” 

Alongside a traditional accountancy role, Dove offers a range of business advice, management accounts, training and mentoring packages. 

Businesses who want to find out more about Buy1Give1 can log on to the organisations website at 


For further information contact Chris Pettitt on 01889 569144  

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