How to Avoid the Euro Football Hangover in Your Workplace

As England prepares to play in a Euro 2024 quarter-final, employment expert Richard Tunnicliffe discusses how to avoid a Monday morning office hangover.

The quarter finals are this weekend but the semi-finals take place midweek and  this could cause far more disruption, especially if England progress.

Now Richard is offering to give a copy of his Major Sports Events policy document to employees who may face issues.

“Preparation is key to navigating the disruptions major sporting events bring,” said Richard, of Stoke-on-Trent-based Order Employment Services. “As the tournament progresses,  businesses can expect changes in employee routines. Many fans will leave early, take half-days, or not show up at all.

“Match days can impact attendance and productivity,” Richard explained. “Absences, sickness, and lateness often double after major games. Encourage employees to book time off in advance if they plan to leave early.”

Proactive Strategies for Employers include:

  • Showing the game in the workplace, as this way, employees don’t have to choose between work and watching the match.
  • Creating a social event: For a kick-off outside working hours, make it a social event. Let your team stay behind to watch the match together and maybe order some food. Ensure you have the correct licenses if you broadcast the game. Richard sayus this is a good way of boosting team morale while keeping productivity up.
  • Set Clear Expectations: Remind employees they must be fit to work the next day. “A simple reminder that any misconduct during the Euros will lead to disciplinary action is often enough,” Richard advises.

For a long-term solution, Richard recommends having a sporting events policy in place before major tournaments. He said: “A well-drafted policy can address issues like attendance, conduct, and productivity, ensuring the excitement of the event doesn’t negatively impact the business.” Richard is offering a free copy of his Major Sporting Events policy for any employer who gets in touch via