Ashley Attwood (centre) with Dr Grant Charlesworth Jones and John Farrow

A leading personal injury lawyer has welcomed Government moves to ban referral fees in insurance cases.

Ashley Attwood, Principal Solicitor at Attwood Solicitors says the fees encourage “spurious claims” which ultimately drive up the cost of premiums.

“Banning referral fees will encourage people to find their own solicitor without the help of Claims Management Companies,” said Mr Attwood.

“Referral fees can lead to people being encouraged to put in spurious claims. Banning them should mean less claims are made which should ultimately lead to smaller premiums for everyone.”

Stoke-on-Trent based Attwood Solicitors specialise in cases involving industrial injury, medical negligence and employer’s liability claims.

The company has won millions of pounds for people who have had their hearing damaged due to negligence by companies in industries including, pottery manufacture, truck and ship building and quarrying.

Mr Attwood said: “My stance on this may seem surprising to people who lump all injury lawyers together.

“What people should realise is that there is nothing wrong with the concept of “no win no fee” cases.

“It was the Government who brought in the rules to allow people without large amounts of money to get access to justice through the legal system.

“In our firm, we find our own cases and we are working to give clients the compensation they deserve to help them get their lives back on track following injury caused through no fault of their own. At Attwood, we only want to work for genuine claimants.”

The firm has a nationwide portfolio of cases. In one case a former welder received £12,000 after action was taken against a Cheshire factory which did not provide adequate hearing protection.

Attwood Solicitors work with audiologists and host regular surgeries with GP, and industrial hearing specialist, Dr Grant Charlesworth Jones.

He said: “My work with Attwood Solicitors is raising awareness of a major issue. For many years workers had their hearing damaged because employers failed to provide adequate protection.

“However, people have tended to just put up with hearing loss and put it down to getting older.

“In my experience people are reticent about coming forward, but they should be compensated and the law provides for that.”

Attwood Solicitors has offices in Stoke and Burslem. The St John’s Square, Burslem, office specialises in hearing cases and lawyers work alongside audiologists Hear4U.


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Notes to Editors:
Attwood Solicitors are personal injury specialists based in Hartshill Road, Stoke-on-Trent. More than £2 million has been successfully claimed by Attwood Solicitors to help people who have suffered in an accident.