Insurers set to pay out to injured Foden truck workers

More former South Cheshire truck workers are set to win compensation after suffering hearing loss while working at the well known former Foden works in Sandbach. 

Foden’s insurers have agreed payment should be made to ex-workers who now suffered from Tinnitus and other hearing conditions as a result of exposure to noise while at work. 

Leading Industrial compensation lawyers, Attwood Solicitors of Stoke, are acting for more than 60 workers from the Sandbach factory. 

And further claims are set to follow as a Hearing Advice Day planned for late January has attracted so many enquiries that a second day is now planned on 11 February. 

The free of charge events will be held at Attwood Solicitor’s offices in Hartshill Road, Stoke. Audiologists will be on hand to carry out tests and advise potential claimants.  

Principal Solicitor Ashley Attwood said:  “Solicitors acting for the former Foden company have agreed to pay compensation.  This means that workers will get pay-outs where hearing loss is proven. 

“We have now taken evidence from workers to say that they were exposed to high levels of noise while working at Foden. 

“Workers were exposed to noise from a variety of loud air powered hand tools – yet there was no hearing protection.” 

Attwood Solicitors, have staged a highly successful series of Hearing Days across the Midlands and North West of England with claimants receiving up to £12,000. 

Several Foden workers asked for help during a Hearing Day earlier this year in Crewe. Attwood Solicitors have audiologists available during the free events so that workers can get an immediate assessment of their hearing problems. 

Until recent times, Sandbach was home to two of the biggest names in British truck manufacturing, Foden and ERF. 

Reg Moston of Etley Heath, Sandbach, is awaiting compensation after insurers agreed he should get compensation. 

“My hearing has deteriorated and I get constant noises which stops me taking part in conversations or hearing the TV,” said 67-year-old Reg, a former Foden’s AC Refitter. 

Stephen Bailey, 57, of Middlewich, who worked at Foden’s for 33 years said: “I worked in all the production shops at Foden, some of them were very noisy but most of the time there was no form of hearing protection available. 

“I now have a constant noise in my ears which sounds like a car engine ticking over. It is worse at night when everything else is quiet. 

I will have to put up with the problem for the rest of my life. I have been told that there is no cure and a hearing aid would not help.” 

“Many people who worked in heavy industry have suffered problems through no fault of our own and we deserve to be compensated for that.” 

Attwood Solicitiors have acted for a range of clients in hearing cases from Stoke-on-Trent pottery workers to Cumbrian shipbuilders. 

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