John’s passion for travel inspires new website

A travel expert is setting out to inspire people to seek new adventures.

John Lehnert,  the owner of North Staffordshire-based Get Set Go Travel, has developed a new website based around travel experiences.

“I am a Not Just Travel consultant and I have a website where people can look at the holiday offers available and find out more about the company ethos, but I wanted to give people more insight into how and why we travel and the inspirations it brings,” explained John, of Packmoor.

“There’s a very old quote attributed to St Augustine which states “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” and that’s how I want people to feel.

“I had a long career in sales before I decided to build a business around my love of travel around four years ago but once the travel bug bites you never look back.”

The new website can be seen here – The website showcases travel experiences from John and his customers.

Added John: “I’m a great believer that we live to create memories and those that linger longest involve travel and events. For example, I’ve watched baseball in New York and cricket in Cape Town. In my 50s, I’ve experienced the joy of a cruise holiday for the first time and finally visited the Caribbean.

“There’s also a feature on the  website from a husband and wife who I worked with to arrange a bucket list three centre holiday, involving visiting two of Thailand’s most luxurious beach resorts and a j trek to Elephant Hills where they immersed themselves in the sights and sounds of the jungle.”

John says the timing of the new initiative is designed to inspire people following lockdown.

“Many people have holidayed in their gardens for two years, if they are lucky enough to have a garden, but there’s now a pent up demand to get out into the world and explore.

“The travel trade has picked up again in 2022 and 2023 is likely to be a very big year for the sector too. It’s fantastic to see the joy on the faces of our customers who feel invigorated by holidays following the pandemic.”

John supported local business in the development of his website, working with Graphix, of Norton and Howle Communications, in Packmoor.


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