Kate teaches the world to dance at international Salsa slam


A Stafford and Stone dance teacher taught pupils from across the word to Salsa at a dance convention on Jersey.

Kate Beauchamp was among a handpicked list of instructors for the world-renowned Jersey Salsa Slam – and she took along 28 local dancers to join in the fun.

Kate, of the Groove Academy, is the only instructor to be asked back for each of the five years that the Salsa Slam has been held.

Salsa Slam organiser, Rohan Brown, said: “Kate has a unique energy and a very comprehensive knowledge of dance with a flair for its delivery.

“Instructor selection is based on their teaching ability and being able to portray the fun spirit of the dance – we want the customers to dance as if no one is watching and to reach their full potential.”

Kate, from Stone, added: “Salsa Slam is a joyous celebration of dance and it was fantastic to get chosen as an instructor once again. There were instructors from Europe, India, Jamaica, Cuba and Angola, we all learned from, and inspired, each other.

“We were able to take 28 Groove Academy regulars with us to experience the wonderful Salsa Slam atmosphere.”

Kate, is the owner and chief instructor, at the Groove Academy which has offices and a dance studio at the Northfield Centre, Stafford.

Classes are also regularly held at venues including St Dominic’s Social Hall, Stone and Acton Trussell Community Hall.

For further information on the Groove Academy please go online to www.grooveacademy.co.uk.