Keycom broadband tops the superfast postcode tests

Superfast broadband from Keycom has outperformed all suppliers in an independent speed test.

The postcode which includes the Barbican in London is the best in the UK for broadband speeds despite being in an area well known for its poor coverage.

Communications and broadband experts Keycom and Vision Fibre Media have worked in partnership to supply state of the art fibre optic broadband to the Barbican estate.

Speed tests have been carried out for specialist magazine Think Broadband on postcodes across the UK.

At a mean speed of 112 Mbps, the EC2Y postcode had over twice the average speed of the next best postcode area.

The results initially surprised Think Broadband staff who said: “EC2Y is the area of inner London which is constantly berated over poor broadband provision.”

But when they looked at the test data, the reason was obvious – the roll-out of superfast broadband at the Barbican.

Think Broadband said the work by Keycom at the Barbican had “delivered” and “the tests we saw were across the Keycom network.”

“The average upload speed at 52.7mbps in EC2Y is equally impressive,” concluded Think Broadband.

Residents of the Barbican can choose to enjoy speeds of up to 1Gbps (one gigabit per second) – the UK’s fastest broadband.

The fastest option is around 68 times faster than the UK average broadband speed.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, residents on the Isle of Skye endure the UK’s slowest speeds with parts of Skye getting a median download of 1.8mbps.

Keycom provides broadband campus solutions to a wide range of businesses and public sectors organisations including education, hospitals and the military.

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