Keycom scores success in international Telecoms Awards with projects to get more people online

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Superfast broadband provider Keycom has been shortlisted in the Connecting the Unconnected category of the highly prestigious Telecoms awards due to the work they have done to get social housing tenants online.
Innovative partnerships with housing associations including Stafford and Rural Homes and Weaver Vale Housing, Northwich, has seen both staff and residents going online.
Keycom’s superfast broadband solutions allow speedy communications between staff and householders. Repairs can be reported and recorded efficiently, online job clubs have been set up for residents and pensioners have been given training in how to surf the net. Keycom has also given free access to vital online services.
“Around 22 million British households (84 per cent) had internet access in 2014, yet more than a third of Housing Association tenants are still without an internet connection,” said Keycom Chief Executive Meri Braziel.
“The Government’s Digital Inclusion Strategy states digital is becoming the “default option” for accessing services. Those who are offline and not capable of using the internet risk missing out on estimated savings of £560 a year from shopping and paying bills online.
“We are extremely proud of our work with housing associations and I am thrilled that Keycom’s expertise in this area has won recognition in the Telecoms Awards.
“Our entry has been shortlisted along with highly innovative projects from major telecommunications providers around the world. It is a truly global award and to make the shortlist is a well-deserved honour for our staff at Keycom.”
Based in Stafford and Wrexham, Keycom provide superfast broadband solutions for business and industry sectors including universities, housing and military accommodation.
The company recently worked to provide the UK’s fastest broadband for homes at the Barbican and Kings Chelsea, London.
Keycom employs 75 people and customers benefit from a Support Centre which is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The Telecoms Awards ceremony will be held at The Tower Hotel, St Katharine’s Way, London, on 4 November.
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Notes to Editors:
Keycom, part of the UKB Networks Group (UKBN), provides bespoke, superfast broadband campus solutions to businesses and public sectors organisations including education, social housing and the military. It also supplies the UK’s fastest broadband – 1 Gbps – to housing developments at the Barbican and Kings Chelsea, London.

UKBN is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), a world leading technology company with a presence in 28 countries across the globe.​