Leading safety consultant says companies are working hard to ensure measures are in place to protect staff and customers as lockdown eases

Leading Health and Safety consultant Darren Bedson says most firms are behaving responsibly and are using professional experts to ensure safety as they re-open following the loosening of the Covid-19 lockdown.

This has resulted in safety companies being  busy as workload increases.

“We’re busy at BPA Safety but that’s an indication that companies are behaving responsibly in protecting the welfare of their customers and staff,” said Darren. “The pandemic has hit people incredibly hard and some people are reluctant to go to work or begin visiting business premises again.

“By demonstrating that they are doing all they can to make indoor spaces safe, we can hopefully encourage people to go about their daily business as this will be vital to limit damage to the UK economy.”

Darren, a Director at BPA Safety, Leek Road, Stoke, has continued to advice clients during lockdown, using video to talk to clients and assess issues. Now a level of face to face visits are being made again and BPA has brought its team of consultants back from furlough.

He added: “We have strict hygiene, welfare and social distancing controls in place in the office with screens around each desk, 2 metre distance floor markings around each desk and we are rotating staff in the office, so home work will be a key feature for the foreseeable future.

“Our workload has increased due to the demand for Covid-19 safety policies and site surveys. New clients have approached us from a range of sectors and from various locations across England.

“A greater attention to safety and hygiene is going to be part of what people are calling the new normal. On top of that, companies should note that the Health and Safety Executive have begun inspections again, having halted them in late March.”


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