Mokk Lads and friends to play world tour of Macclesfield

Macc Lads tribute band the Mokk Lads have unveiled plans for a World Tour…of Macclesfield.
The four piece, with members from Macclesfield, Leeds and Norway, will play in the Cheshire town in January, 2016.
And they will be accompanied by their own 20-strong Norwegian fan club as they play at the Swan With Two Necks, Chestergate, Macclesfield, on Saturday, January 24.
The Mokk Lads will play gigs alongside local bands The Shuffle, Cash 4 Chaos and the Hedgehogs.
Ian Hume, a member of the Hedgehogs, said: “The Mokk Lads are an affectionate tribute to the Macc Lads but the hell raising image projected by the original band has been replaced by raucous music and fun.
“The Mokk Lads formed when the four members met on holiday and bonded over a pint and a shared love of the Macc Lads. They immediately decided to form a tribute band.
“The next time they met was for a soundcheck – just 10 minutes before their first gig together. The rest, as they say, is rock and roll history.
“This will be their third Macclesfield gig and they will play on the same bill as local punks Cash 4 Chaos who say it will be their last ever gig. We are expecting a great night.”
The Macc Lads were a punk band from Macclesfield. There songs were largely satirical, but the crude lyrics, and the band’s often raucous behaviour, earned them a notorious reputation and bans from venues throughout the UK.
Entry to the Swan With Two Necks gig is pay on the door.
For further information contact Ian Hume by telephone on 07916 149273.​​