Motivation is the key to success for Staffordshire and Cheshire employers, says Brampton Recruitment

Claire Leigh

A recruitment agency has carried-out its first survey of employers focusing on staff motivation techniques. 

Brampton Recruitment asked its clients for information on how they handle staff relations and juggle varying workloads throughout the year. 

Claire Leigh, Managing Director of the Newcastle-under-Lyme based agency, plans to repeat the survey in 12 months time and believes the findings will prove valuable to local employers. 

“It was great to see that many companies value their staff and want to ensure they are happy in the workplace,” said Claire. 

“71 companies took part which was a fantastic result. We have sent them a report on the findings and the feedback shows they value the information and the chance to see how others operate.” 

The survey showed that around 80 per cent of managers believe in praising their staff.

 But using training as an incentive was less popular with only 11 per cent incentivising staff by putting them through industry qualifications – less than the percentage who give out shopping vouchers as rewards. 

The survey also found that around half of companies were at their busiest in September with February being least busy. 

Claire said: “Most managers (71 per cent) said that they found it harder to motivate their staff during quieter periods in the year. It is worth thinking about how to manage this, perhaps scheduling training for the quieter periods and to think about alternative methods of motivation such as small competitions and awards. 

“Training can be a great motivator if it is relevant and will add value to both the person and their ability to do the job. The staff member has got to be excited and buy into it or it won’t be successful. 

“But simple things like thanking your staff for doing a good job can go a long way. Sometimes we all need a little acknowledgment that we are doing a good job.” 

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) study concluded that good communication was the key to keeping staff morale high, particularly at a time when many companies are unable to award pay rises due to the poor economic climate. 

The CIPD said employers need to share the economic realities with their staff and to have a conversation about performance levels and what changes may be needed to allow pay to increase in the future. 


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Notes to editors:

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