Mum, Carly, is recognised as a shining light by PM, Boris Johnson

A mum who set up a support group for parents during the pandemic has been recognised as a “Point of Light” by Prime Mnister, Boris Johnson.

Carly Twigg, of Newcastle-under-Lyme, founded the Help, I’m Now Home Schooling! in spring 2020 and quickly attracted over 5,000 followers.

Now she’s been unveiled as a winner of a Points of Lights Award with an announcement on the website, set up by the Office of the Prime Minister – Help, I’m Now Home Schooling – Points of Light.

“I’m in shock,” said Carly. “I didn’t know I had been nominated, so the email from Boris Johnson’s office was a fantastic surprise. I’m a PA to the Directors of BNI Staffordshire and Adgiftsonline and I set up Help, I’m now Home Schooling! while on furlough last spring. I just wanted to help a few friends in my local area by posting activities and tips to support their children, but it took off in a way that I never expected.

“Here we are in ‘lockdown 3’ and we’re back to home schooling and still getting daily messages from people looking for a little support.”

Carly, who lives with  five year old daughter, Esme, and husband  Carl, in Clayton, added: “We have opened our group to anyone and everyone who has something useful or helpful to share. We are a mix of parents, guardians, teachers, educators and other professionals who are working hard to ensure there is always great and fresh content available as well as a listening ear for those who need it.”

Points of Light was originally an American idea, set up by President George HW Bush in 1990, UK Points of Light was developed in partnership with the US programme and launched in the Cabinet Room at 10 Downing Street in April 2014.

Since then hundreds of people have been named Points of Light by the Prime Minister, highlighting innovative and inspirational volunteering across the length and

To get involved with Help, I’m Now Home Schooling!, just search for the title on Facebook and join the group.

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