National Outstanding Performance award for BNI Staffordshire

A Staffordshire based business organisation has scooped a national award for outstanding performance.

BNI Staffordshire has shown huge growth in the past year and currently supports over 200  businesses in the area. Current forecasts predict growth to 350 BNI members this year.

This resulted in BNI Staffordshire winning the Outstanding Performance Award at the 2019 BNI UK and Ireland 2019 conference.

Based at Lymedale Business Centre, Newcastle-under-Lyme, BNI Staffordshire has a small team of staff headed by Executive Director Tony Altham. BNI holds regular chapter meetings where companies work together to generate business.

“The award is in recognition of the growth we have shown in recent months,” said Tony. “We registered the biggest average increase in chapter size in the UK and Ireland, over the last 12 months, which is fantastic.

“Most  importantly, growth for Staffordshire BNI translates into growth for our members. Companies in our region generated £7.5 million in invoiced business for the first time in 2018 and this translates into more jobs and wealth to bolster the local economy.

“We are on track to smash the 2018 record in 2019 and growth will continue as we look to establish five new chapters, all across the county in areas such as the Staffordshire Moorlands, Rugeley, Lichfield and Uttoxeter.

“Previously, BNI has been very strong in the north of the county and in Stafford, but we are expanding in every direction.

“A fantastic taster of what is to come can be seen at the Britannia Chapter, which meets at the North Stafford Hotel, Stoke. Members generated £846,000 in invoiced business in May, a record for one month and nearly half of the total for the chapter in the whole of 2018.

“I see this award as for all our members. Many local business people work tirelessly to promote their own BNI chapter and to encourage the businesses within their chapter to grow together. Each member acts as an ambassador or the other chapter members and buys into the BNI Givers Gain ethos to generate business for each other.”


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