New Blackberry 10 set to be a hit

M-viron’s technical expert Andy White had a sneak preview of the Blackberry10 before its launch and liked what he saw. 

Exciting and innovative, Blackberry’’s latest offering could spark a major renaissance for it manufacturer, RIM. 

Once loved by many business users, Blackberry has perhaps suffered while Apple and Android made major gains in the smart phone market. 

But Blackberry 10 is a serious contender for anyone looking for a new, easy to use, yet innovative smart phone. 

It has the look and feel of many other leading smart phones but benefits from features which allow users to flow easily between functions. 

And Blackberry has introduced a smart way of separating work and personal life. There are separate modes for work and personal life, allowing you to lock out either (or see all) depending on whether you are at work or home, and the Blackberry 10 allows your company’s IT department to offer specific work apps for use by employees. 

Blackberry have seriously upped their apps offering for the launch with a staggering 70,000 said to be available. Previously, Blackberry haven’t made a big play for the apps market but this move could put them up there with the iPhone. 

The main homescreen uses ‘Active Frames, technically mini-applications, which display an overview of information from a particular app and allow you to launch the full version. 

Then there is the “peek” feature which allows you to quickly see any new notifications without leaving the screen you were previously on. 

Blackberry 10 also offers a new camera feature. By recording aprproximately two seconds of footage when photographs are taken, the camera allows you to fix a face so that the subject always has his or her eyes open or is smiling. 

Despite these, and many more features, Blackberry are assuring potential users that the battery life will be good.

 m-viron is excited to be stocking the new Blackberry10 on the EE (Everything Everywhere) network.  For further details, visit our website at