New hi-tech temperature monitoring access system will help get people back to school and work, say security experts

Security experts believe hi-tech door entry devices which also take your temperature could be crucial if workers and school pupils are to return with confidence following lockdown.

The Security Services Group, based in Stoke and Shrewsbury, are advising customers to install Temperature Monitoring Access Control (TMAC) solutions brought to the market for the first time in June.

“This is brand new technology and its ideal for organisations looking to monitor health as people emerge from lockdown following the coronavirus lockdown,” said Dave Critchley Sales Manager of Security Services. “We’re in talks with companies looking to update their door entry equipment following lockdown and we also believe these devices are ideal for schools and hotels as they emerge from lockdown.

“Security Services have been supporting firms with their electronic fire/security requirements for more than 35-years and advances in technology means the market is always evolving. We see this TMAC solution, from Dahua Technology, as a major leap forward as it not only uses face recognition to monitor who is attempting to enter but has the capability to rapidly scan people suffering abnormally high body temperatures.

“It is also incredibly easy to deploy. The screen is built into a stand and all users need to do is to plug it into a normal socket.”

“Along with the obvious safety advantages as we emerge from lockdown, there are applications for a safer world moving forward, for example, it can  be deployed for automatic school registration and pupil ID or to identify workers and visitors within a building in the event of an emergency.”

The Security Services Group, based at Berry Street, Stoke, have continued to work through lockdown. The company has 50 staff in Stoke and a further  25 at its sister company, Security Wise, Shrewsbury.

The company operates across the UK, installing and maintaining CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, automated gates and barriers, nurse/warden call schemes, door access systems, and home automation


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