PH Production Services help Crewe Alexandra’s Becky and Shanice reach their footballing goals

Event management experts PH Production Services are supporting the development of women’s football by sponsoring two Crewe Alexandra midfielders.

PH Production Services are officially backing Becky Garner and Shanice Finbow for the 2019/2020 season, Crewe Alexandra women play in the North West Regional Premier Division and won the Cheshire Women’s FA Cup last season.

Shanice Finbow

The company are experts at planning and staging live events and work across the UK from their base at King Street Studios, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Managing Director Peter Hebert said: “It is fantastic to see how women’s football has taken off in recent times and, as a company, we are keen on supporting diversity and backing sport for all. There is a huge amount of work that goes into developing and running a club and I know that sponsorship both helps to boost the players and pays for their expenses.

“We have, of course, been watching a wonderful women’s World Cup this summer, but it is even more important to encourage community clubs, such as Crewe Alex women, to grow the game.”

Bev Lambourne, club secretary, said: “The positive effect a player receives from sponsorship is of huge benefit to them. Not only does it relieve the pressure on them financially to find money for training fees and kit. It allows them to focus fully on their training and performance, giving them the edge on their competitors, this in turn also benefits the team.

Shanice Finbow, a right-sided midfielder, added: “Sponsorship means a lot to me as an individual and, having found a sponsor, it gives me the chance to carry on playing football at the club that I have been involved with for four years.”

Becky Garner

PH Production Services play a vital role making sure actors, entertainers and spectators stay safe at outdoor events across the UK.

The team take care of all the background work required to put on a performance, helping stage events such as the Chester Mystery Plays, the Big Feast, in Stoke-on-Trent. They are also specialists in live video streaming for events, from conferences to music festivals.

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