Pioneering Staffordshire mortgage broker launches cutting edge technology to give customers the easiest ever way to get a real time quote

A North Staffordshire company is breaking new ground in the mortgage industry by offering customers a unique, easy to use, website process to get the best real time answer to the big question “how much can I borrow?” from real banks and lenders.

The system, launched in early June by My Simple Mortgage is completely unique and is described as the easiest, most accurate and usable system for customers, by company director, James Adams.

“For the first time ever, customers can just punch their details in and they will get exact information on how much they can borrow, from actual lenders. They don’t even have to speak to one of our brokers, unless they decide to take the process further.

“This level of information has only previously been available to professionals within the industry – it’s really exciting for us at My Simple Mortgage and I am also delighted on another level – the finance industry is seen as very London-centric but here we have one of the best innovations for customers in many years, launched in North Staffordshire.”

The system is powered by financial giant Legal and General. James took the idea to them and worked with L&G for six months to bring the concept to fruition.

“Previously, potential home buyers and movers have only been able to get an approximate idea of what they could afford to borrow,” added James. “They would approach a broker, and have to spend time handing over key information in order to just find out if the amount they need was possible. The only alternative would be a very basic sum which often didn’t take into account any of the actual details lenders use to calculate how much someone can borrow – often leaving the customer disappointed or dejected when it came time to apply.

“Now the customer can go online to our website, at, follow the quick and easy form, and they will see within seconds the amount that a lender will lend to them.  If they want to proceed, they can request a call and we will then speak to them. The best part is, it doesn’t do any credit checks, and you don’t need to enter your name or email address to get the answer. It’s truly a free gift to the public from us.”

James founded My Simple Mortgage in 2014 with a mission to give home buyers the easiest journey from enquiry to home ownership.

“I could see that we could harness technology to simplify the home buying system and, having made consistent improvements to that process over recent years, we’ve now achieved this huge leap forward,” said James.

“Our growth over the last seven years has been driven by repeatedly improving the customer experience. Customers know that we live up to our name and that’s led to My Simple Mortgage now having a team capable of serving the whole of the UK.

My Simple Mortgage is headed by directors, James Adams and Mark Savill. They’ve developed the company year on year and now have an eight-strong team, recently introducing new advisers in  London, Leeds Newcastle Upon Tyne and Edinburgh.   

My Simple Mortgage are based at The White House, The Mount, Etruria Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme.


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