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Tom Parry

Tom Parry

Experienced researcher Tom Parry has revamped his business to focus on helping companies in Staffordshire and Cheshire to grow.

Tom has worked on major research projects which have been used to lobby Parliament and shape UK business policy.

Now Tom has remodelled his business, Planned Market Research, to support growing businesses and even start-ups closer to his Alsager base.

“Knowledge is power has long been a maxim in business but too many businesses fail to thoroughly research their market,” explained Tom, a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

“Half of start-ups fail within five years and this can be because they do not understand their customer base.”

Tom uses a toolkit approach to provide customers with the insight they need to build a successful business. Typically they could benefit from a combination desk research, a focus group or interviews with up to 10 potential customers.

Tom offers a start-up package which gives customers the benefit of two-days desk research or interviews with up to 10 potential customers.

“The Planned Market Research package is ideal for prospective business owners who are either investing their own money or need finance to develop a business. It is vital that they have the research to support the viability of the business and to allow them to build a marketing strategy.”

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Notes to Editors:

Tom Parry founded Planned Market Research to offer value for money to the business community, providing customer insight as well as well as market research and analysis.

Tom has specialised in market research for more than 15 years and has been a full (certified) member of the Market Research Society since 2006.  Tom has worked at all levels within market research and believes that there is no substitute for the insight gained from talking to customers.