Raleigh Coatings learn the science of marketing with Let’s Do Mentoring


Specialist medical coatings company Raleigh Coatings turned to Let’s Do Mentoring for support to help market a new product line.
When opportunities arose to expand the company’s offer with a new coating line for the wound dressing market, Raleigh Coatings had the in-house expertise to develop and manufacture new products.
But Managing Director Pete Turton recognised Raleigh Coatings needed expert marketing support to ensure the new line was successful.
“It was clear that to grow the business we needed better marketing skills and we just did not have those skills within the business,” said Pete.
“We approached Let’s Do Mentoring and were paired with Richard Lloyd.
“Richard has been able to work with me, giving me expert guidance on what we needed to do
“Richard explained the need to work on developing a marketing strategy, followed by a structure and then a marketing plan.
“I guess we were similar to many companies in that we had a business plan and a sales plan but no plan for marketing.”
As a result of Richard’s mentoring, Raleigh Coatings have now employed a marketing executive on their staff for the first time.
“Richard’s guidance was excellent and he was a great fit for our business,” added Pete.
“While we have now completed the mentoring programme, we are continuing to benefit from Richard’s expertise as a consultant.
“During the mentoring, Richard would come in regularly to work with me and our business development manager.
“As a company we wanted to convey a better understanding of who we are. It is challenging as we are a relatively small company working to gain purchase in a market while competing with blue chip companies.”
“A lot of effort has gone in to ensuring we are getting our web presence right and have the right marketing strategy in place to reach our potential customers.
“The mentoring service is a valuable resource for businesses in Staffordshire.”
Richard said: “Pete came to me with a specific wish for a marketing plan. I took them back to the fact that they first needed a strategy.
“The company is based on science and engineering experience. I was able to explain to them that they needed processes in marketing just as in engineering.
For more information on Let’s Do Mentoring, please contact Mentor Brokers, John Thompson and Leila Green at Staffordshire Chambers on 01782 213929.