Record month for GRN Financial Services as owners plan a return to Leek town centre

Staffordshire Moorlands mortgage and financial services specialists GRN Financial Services say the market is so buoyant that they are processing double the amount of mortgages now than in early 2020.

“We’re seeing demand hit new heights as lockdown ends so there’s clearly pent up demand in the market,” said Aga Gronkiewicz, who runs GRN Financial Services with her husband, Tom.

The business owners are now planning a return to their office in Bath Street, Leek, after many months of working from home.

Aga added: “We established a town centre office in 2018 and we’ve always planned to go back there once lockdown lifts. We see it as important to support our home town.

“Leek town centres is the heart of local business and we want to work with other companies to ensure it continues to thrive.

“We plan to work with other businesses in the town to support growth. For example, when customers come into the office, we often buy them tea or coffee from local traders.

“As residents of Leek, we want to support the town centre, we buy bread from our neighbours, Live Love Loaf, in Bath Street and generally support the town’s shops. Bringing back business, has to help the shops and hospitality sectors – after a year in hibernation, we’re keen to see Leek buzz again.”

“While the lockdown has led to many more video meetings, there’s still a huge part for town centres to play as the focal point for local communities.”

Aga said that lockdown had seen positives, along with negatives, for example, GRN now has a paperless office with all processes automated.

She added: “The first lockdown saw much uncertainty and lenders were cautious. The market is continually changing but we’ve seen more flexible criteria on mortgages being offered in recent months and there’s been a gradual return of lower deposit mortgages, reigniting the first time buyer sector.

“The lockdowns have changed the way people use their homes and we now get more remortgage enquiries as families reassess the space they need due to spending more time at home.”

Aga is an experienced mortgage adviser while Tom is a financial services professional, supporting clients with matters such as business and health insurance, mortgage protection and wills.

Tom has recently won recognition from the Primis Mortgage Protection Network as he was the 10th most active out of almost 200 financial advisers in March. He said: “We work with a lot of owners of small businesses and one thing that’s now uppermost in their minds is health.

“What would they do if they couldn’t work for several months? It’s a reality brought home by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s also perhaps made people think about personal matters, such as making or updating their Will and I look after people with both their personal and business financial protection.


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