Sabina has designs on making investors property entrepreneurs

A property entrepreneur who has successfully redeveloped buildings in Stoke-on-Trent and Manchester has turned her focus on refurbing residential and commercial space for property investors – providing the full turnkey service, design, build and manage, while taking away all the hassle, stress and time.

Sabina Thorpe, of Green Brick Property, has built a large portfolio of commercial to residential homes, HMOs and apartments to rent through purchasing and regenerating properties, including hotels, pubs, offices and houses.

Sabina said: “We have a clear focus for 2021 in that we want to help as many property investors to refurbish their buildings in the North West, Midlands and London.

“The property refurbishment process is often seen as a programme code that is complex to understand and hard to hack.  Rather than spending a long time learning how to get it right, Green Brick Property will do it all for you and handover the keys at the end.

“We support property investors who are at the beginning of their property journey and also those with experience but don’t have the time available because they have another job or a business to run.” Added Sabina of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

“Through our combined 50-plus years of knowledge and experience in the business and construction industry at Green Brick Property, we’ve built an exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable and reliable property network you can trust.

“We are a one stop property shop, with all the services and trades you will ever need in property under one roof including architects, surveyors, build teams, finance brokers, life insurance, trusts, solicitors, tax advisors, accountants and more. We have the solutions in place to support clients at whatever stage of the process they find themselves.”

Added Sabina: “Our USP is two-fold; firstly, I am an experienced investor myself, I have been through the process many times. I understand every stage well and can foresee the minefields ahead for our clients from the build stage through to the revaluation stage at the end; secondly, we have everything our clients need under one roof.”

Sabina said that “Green Brick Property sees a clear demand for a ‘property refurbishment in a box’ service.  Serving clients that have either just bought their next investment project, have not got time to refurb, or don’t know how to refurb.”

Added Sabina: “I have seen investors that have been misled and even taken advantage of because they aren’t able to be on site. We are committed to raising standards and offering our all-in-one service to help guide fellow property investors in the right direction.

“Green Brick Property has a tried and tested system to refurb properties that works, you just plug in to it and go!”

“Green Brick Property work with investors to refurb and add value to their properties and generate a regular income from their portfolio.

“There’s also benefits for the urban areas that Green Brick Property work in both in renovating properties to a high standard and because of the valuable work for the building trade, generating jobs, wealth and growth.”

Sabina, either working through her own company or with other investor partners has completed several successful projects, including the transformation of the former Flowerpot Hotel in Snowhill, which was a large property with a chequered history, that’s now been converted to 15-large deluxe ensuite rooms (HMO) typically let to young professionals and the regeneration of The Ashwood pub in Longton.

Green Brick Property work with their clients in two ways:

  • Project management – We manage the whole refurb from start to end, we design, build and manage – we do everything for you.  This is the company’s most popular service.  From the architect plans, refurbishment of the property, appoint relevant inspectors, all the way through to snagging, interior design and handover.  We also help with the revaluation process if required.
  • Coach, mentor and train – Some investors like to be on site and do it themselves, Green Brick Property encourage this empowerment.  Green Brick Property will mentor/coach their clients through every stage of the refurbishment journey, their coaching clients receive all the relevant templates and necessary documents to successfully deliver their refurb project on budget, on time and on point.

Sabina founded Green Brick Property with her husband, Phil, who uses his extensive business and IT knowledge to provide all the back office systems and services. Explained Sabina: “It’s a great partnership as I have experience in business, property and am the face of the company, with a passion for building successful businesses, networking and connecting investors, while Phil is skilled in the technical development, using his business knowledge and expertise to building our business processes.”

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