Stafford will become the focus of national attention on Wednesday as its economic future is debated in the light of the Government’s long awaited Public Sector Spending Review.

BBC TV has singled-out Stafford for national coverage because of the high level of public sector jobs in the County Town.

The town will feature on the live coverage of Chancellor George Osbourne’s speech on BBC2 between 11.30am and 3pm.

Stuart Walton, President of the Stafford Chamber of Commerce and Industry will feature in the programme.

He said: “Clearly Stafford is regarded as an important barometer of the country’s economic prosperity. As a County Town we naturally attract a large number of public sector jobs, making up around 40 per cent of the employment market.

“The Chamber welcomes the Spending Review as it will provide a clear way forward for the future. Businesses require certainty and clarity to plan their future.

“There will undoubtedly be severe problems over the coming months with both public sector workers and companies trading with organisations such as councils and health bodies suffering and our sympathy will be with anyone who finds themselves out of work.

However, it is clear that our public services need to be reformed and we believe that this will result in a more stable economy for Stafford, and the UK as a whole, in the long term.”

Mr Walton, owner of business consultancy company Conspicuous CBM and the Staffordshire Business for Breakfast franchise, added: “Looking forward, we hope to see a bigger involvement for Stafford companies – our Chamber members – in delivering efficient public services.

“The Government needs to support the setting up of businesses to deliver service and they should recognise the role played by Chambers of Commerce through bodies such as Stafford Enterprise.”


For further information contact Stuart Walton on 07706 161 851.

Stuart Walton is well known on the Staffordshire business scene. He was Finance Director at Areva T&D, Stafford, for five years and has been President of the Stafford Chamber of Commerce since 2009.

Conspicuous CBM provides value-added services to companies in Staffordshire and the West Midlands that help develop their true potential and foster a spirit of enterprise in the community.

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