Tech-innovators Enlighten add 3D modelling to their Augmented Reality armoury

Award winning tech-innovators Enlighten have added 3D modelling to their business offering as they look to support companies in using technology to drive new business opportunities.

Enlighten, based in Tamworth town centre, have built a reputation for using Augmented Reality. Founded in 2016, the company began using tech to support education and mental health projects but are now refocusing their offering to include the wider business community.

Managing Director Suzanne Edwards said: “Technology is advancing all the time and we have now added 3D modelling to our business offer. We have employed a talented young modeller while at the same time working on our brand to ensure we are in the right space to support businesses in the West Midlands and beyond.

“My background is in education and this naturally led us down the route of working with schools and colleges on tech for learning and mental health applications. This has been a success and we will continue to work in the education field while sharpening our focus on the business world.

“Our team can now offer AR and 3D modelling and marry the two to benefit companies. Many people will perhaps know 3D modelling best through animated films, computer gaming and its use in criminology or archaeology to reconstruct faces of murder victims or historical figures. But there are many benefits for the tourist industry for example, to bring history alive and make nature and urban trails both easier to follow and more engaging.  The possibilities and potential benefits are huge, for example creating a 3D model of machine parts, which can be tested and viewed from all perspectives, identifying strengths and weaknesses in their structures.”

“At Enlighten, we are currently involved in the creation of a “mental health mentor” avatar model, working with Staffordshire University. This 3D anime style figure will support students who may be able to relate to these characters. Further it will help them cope with returning to study after Covid and help with other student pressures such as depression, eating disorders and sitting exams”

Enlighten have recruited Leighton Wenlock, a recently graduated student from Staffordshire University to their team based at the Tamworth Enterprise Centre.

The current project with Staffordshire University is part of the Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnerships programme (SDIPs) and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 -2020.


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