UK Women urged to join French legal action over PIP faulty breast implants

A Stoke-on-Trent legal firm has helped nearly 100 women from all over the UK to receive compensation in an action over faulty breast implants.

Attwood Solicitors was the only UK law firm to join forces with French lawyers who successfully claimed compensation for PIP victims against TUV Rheinland in the French courts.

TUV, a German Company, who approved the PIP implants as fit for use, giving them the CE mark, was found by the French Court to be legally responsible to around 1,700 women who brought legal action against TUV. It is alleged that TUV granted the non-medical grade silicone gel implants a CE mark, which paved the way for their sale all over the world, without undertaking any inspection of the factory over a number of years. The French Court agreed with the lawyers for the women and ordered the German company to pay an initial €3,400 to each of the women, as an interim payment of compensation until the final figure of compensation is determined later this year.

Attwood Solicitors says the victory in the French courts has paved the way for as many as 50,000 British women to join the French proceedings and seek compensation in France, French lawyers are seeking compensation of up to €30,000 per Claimant.

John Farrow, Head of the PIP litigation at Attwood Solicitors , commented: “Given the court decision against TÜV Rhineland there is now a genuine opportunity for compensation for those who have so far been unable to claim.”

TUV has appealed against the decision and the Appeal is likely to be heard in the summer in Toulon. John Farrow, of Attwood Solicitors, said that anyone regardless of when or where they had the PIP implants, is still now potentially able to make a claim in the French proceedings, and are urged to contact Attwood Solicitors before the Appeal is heard later this year.

The scandal broke in 2010, after a large percentage of women with the implants suffered from the implants rupturing. Subsequently, the founder of PIP (Poly Implant Prosthese), Jean-Claude Mas has been convicted in France of fraud.

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