VW scandal: Ray vows action against car giant amid claims he was misled and left hundreds of pounds out of pocket

A Volkswagen Golf driver is planning to sue the car giant after the performance of his eco-friendly Blue Motion car left him thousands of pounds out of pocket.

In a new twist on the VW emissions scandal, Ray Hitchens claims he has evidence that the car company’s marketing material on fuel consumption is misleading.

Ray kept a detailed log of fuel consumption for his VW diesel estate and complained to the company that the advertised fuel consumption figures were around 20 miles per gallon less than VW’s published figure.

What’s more, Ray’s hi-tech Blue Motion estate was costing him more to run than the older standard model it replaced.

“I chose the car because I do a fairly high mileage and wanted a more economical vehicle,” said Ray who commutes daily by car from Maidstone to London.

“VW advertise the VW Golf 1.7 TDI Blue Motion can achieve up to 80 mpg with a combined figure of 70mpg –but in reality it does 50 mpg.
“The difference to me of 20mpg works out at around 630 extra litres a year of fuel, or around £750.”
Ray, a Facilities Manager working in shipping insurance, is among dozens of VW diesel car drivers who have contacted law firm Attwood Solicitors since the VW emissions scandal broke.

Attwood Solicitors is now considering a Class Action law suit against the German car giant.

Senior Solicitor John Farrow said: “Drivers may be able to claim for compensation if they were given false information at the time of purchase about the efficiency performance, or if their car is devalued as a result.”

“This raises an interesting issue about how vehicles are marketed for sale generally following VW recent admission that their acted fraudulently in fixing emission tests”.

Ray added: “I have joined the VW litigation information group set up by Attwood Solicitors after failing to get suitable compensation in an 18 month saga with Volkswagen.

“When this car is three years old I will have spent approximately £2,300 more on fuel than I should have.

“The VW retailer has had my car back for testing twice, each occasion they got less mpg than I do. They confirmed there are no faults with the car and its fuel consumption of around 50 mpg is running to the factory specification,. Despite this, I was only offered a goodwill payment of £350.”

In an email from VW Customer Services UK, Ray was told: “l understand that you would naturally expect the BlueMotion technology in your vehicle to achieve more MPG in comparison to your previous car. As discussed above, there are many factors which can affect these figures.”

“I can confirm I would like to offer you a gesture of goodwill for £350. This is to go some way to restoring your faith since purchasing your Golf Estate BlueMotion, and for the cost that you hadn’t expected due to the lower fuel consumption you had predicted.”

Volkswagen has announced that nearly 1.2 million of its vehicles sold in the UK are fitted with the software behind the emissions scandal.
It includes diesel-powered cars with the VW brand, Audi, Seat and Skoda as well as VW commercial vehicles.

Attwood Solicitors has a VW emissions litigation information page on Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/VWGroupLitigation?fref=ts.
Further information can be found on the law firm’s website -http://www.attwoodsolicitors.co.uk/vw-group-litigation/