BLOG: Kickstart your PR to help grow brand awareness and business

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.” Richard Branson.
“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.” John D. Rockefeller. 
There are some great quotes on why PR makes good business sense.
Here at Howle Communications we have a passion for working with small and medium sized businesses and we love to watch them grow.
You may, however, think it is too soon to get into a regular relationship with a PR consultant.
We believe the answer is our Kickstart Your PR course.
Is it worth it? Just ask Darren.
Darren Kirby

Darren Kirby

After a successful career building other people’s businesses, Darren recently launched SyTech IT.
He invested just over three hours of his time on attending our course and learned the basics such as what journalists want; how to spot a news story; why use PR and how to write a basic news release.
The last half an hour was spent in a group discussion on their ideas and how, where possible, they could be transformed into news.
The workshops always end with a challenge: Go away and write something and send it to us. We will then critique it before encouraging you to get the story out there.
And it worked. Darren sent his story and, admittedly, several changes were suggested and agreed. But here he is, loud and proud in his regional daily newspaper, see:
How much is that publicity worth? I’m not a great one for Advertising Value Equivalent, but at least £3,000.
The course is expensive, right? Well no, our major motivation is to fill the room and our small business rate is low.
For further details contact Nigel Howle by email at [email protected] or telephone 0776 2043436