Golf club Captains raise £10k for Cancer Research UK and campaign for more people to take a potentially lifesaving Lynch Syndrome test

Outgoing Trentham Golf Club captains Val Davis and Richard Marks are urging people to get tested for Lynch Syndrome after raising £10,000 to support research into bowel cancer research.

The duo joined forces to organise a series of fundraising events during their recent year in office at the club on Barlaston Old Road.

North Staffordshire Cancer Research UK fundraising champion Ada Haywood BEM visited the golf club to thank Val and Richard and receive a cheque for £10,000.

Val, from Stone, said: “Every year the two captains at Trentham Golf Club raise money for good causes. For 2023/24 we decided to join forces as bowel cancer has affected both our families.

“Members rallied round as we raised funds at events including the annual golf club ball, an 80s evening, and a charity golf day.

Added Val: “I hope the fundraising has helped raise awareness about cancer and about Lynch Syndrome, a condition which indicates that people have a genetic predisposition to certain cancers.

“It’s important that anyone who is aware of cancer in their family acts to seek a Lynch Syndrome test, if they haven’t been offered one by their GP.”

NHS England estimate that around 175,000 people, or one in every 400 people, in England have Lynch syndrome, but just 5% are aware they are living with the condition. People with Lynch syndrome are more likely to develop multiple cancers and be diagnosed at a younger age.

Ada Haywood, from Clayton, was awarded the British Empire Medal for her tireless work to raise funds and awareness on behalf of Cancer Research UK. Ada has raised in the region of £1.5 million for the charity.

She said: “I’d like to thank Val, Richard, and everyone at Trentham Golf Club for this fantastic sum of money. It is so important that we continue to raise funds to allow the scientists working to find a cure to continue their work. But awareness raising is just as important as, despite much medical progress, one in every two people will still be diagnosed with a cancer type during their lifetime.”


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Photo: Cancer Research UK fundraiser Ada Haywood (centre) receives a £10,000 cheque from outgoing Trentham Golf Club captains Richard Marks and Val Davis.