Des can help you to save money at the pumps

Staffordshire car enthusiast Des Tudor is promising to save motorists money with his new business venture. 

Des has launched Re-Torque Vehicle Remapping – Rugeley’s only mobile car remapping business – after being astonished by the savings he made when the system was installed on his own car. 

Motorists can save around 15 per cent on their fuel bills – recouping their outlay for the remapping work within a few months. 

“I’ve worked as a mechanic and car technician for most of my life but was a bit of a non-believer about remapping,” said Des, aged 35. 

“Like everyone else, I was tired of paying extortionate prices at the pumps and was persuaded to have my own car remapped.

“I now get an extra 150 miles out of each tank full of fuel and more than 60 miles to the gallon when I used to get 45.” 

Des has invested in equipment from market leading Black Code remapping based in Stafford and has set up a mobile business which will carry out the work at your home or business premises. 

Vehicle remapping works because car manufacturers’ standard settings do not maximise a vehicles fuel efficiency or power. This is done deliberately because global car producers sell in several different markets and limit their vehicles’ performance to allow for poor fuel quality and extreme climatic conditions. 

The service is backed by Black Code’s warranty which offers a100 per cent refund – and re-establishment of the vehicle’s original settings – for anyone who is not satisfied with the results.Des added: “Motorists have the choice to either have an economy remap or a performance remap to give them extra power and torque. 

“We are expecting demand to be highest from people wanting to save money on diesel . It is very early days for the business but the service is popular for businesses with a fleet of vehicles, such as vans or taxis. 

“With an average cost of around £300, high mileage drivers can recoup the cost of a remap within three to four months.” 


For further information contact Des Tudor on 07967184068 or