Engineering the workforce of the future

Building services company Ford Mainwaring has confirmed its commitment to bringing through new talent by giving North Staffordshire school leavers Mitchell Lavery and Charlie Henaghan the chance to train as apprentices. 

Mitchell, aged 16, and Charlie, 17, will work with Ford Mainwaring engineers four days a week and attend college once a week. 

It’s part of a commitment from Ford Mainwaring to train the engineering workforce of the future. The company plans to take on its first T-level student and has committed to taking on a student from the Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stafford College Group to give them valuable experience during their Building Services Engineering for Construction course. 

Based on the Centre 500 Business Park in the Etruria Valley, Ford Mainwaring undertakes building engineering projects across the UK, working with clients in the public and private sectors on major electrical and mechanical installation and refurbishment projects. 

Daniel Bailey, Director, Ford Mainwaring, said: “While we work on contracts across the country, we look to nurture and grow our team here in North Staffordshire, and place a high level of importance on giving training opportunities to local people. 

“Charlie and Mitchell will benefit greatly from working with our time-served team and will learn trades which could sustain them throughout their whole careers. 

“It’s beneficial to Ford Mainwaring too, as apprenticeships are known to add to a loyal, able and stable long-term workforce.” 

The National Apprenticeship Survey found that 69% of companies reported improved staff retention rates by hiring apprentices. Young workers starting out as apprentices tend to be loyal to a business and more motivated to learn new skills than other types of employees. 

Mitchell is following in the footsteps of his father who has built a career at Ford Mainwaring. A former pupil at Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy, Blurton, he’s begun an apprenticeship as a plumber and plans to progress to become a gas engineer. 

He said: “I have always wanted to learn a trade, it’s something my dad did and he will often say that Ford Mainwaring is a great place to work. I wanted to follow the apprenticeship route as you learn from experienced plumbers and can get a start on site straight away. 

“As soon as I started here, I was taken out on site. You watch and learn and are given opportunities to get involved under supervision.” 

Charlie, who is working towards a career as an electrical engineer, is a former pupil at Excel Academy, Sneyd Green. He learned about jobs at Ford Mainwaring while attending an open day held at Port Vale FC. 

He said: “The first few days have seen me go out on site, working with a team in a large job in Birmingham. We were taking out and refitting fan coils and I was given the opportunity to get involved with the support of a qualified engineer. 

“I knew people who have worked with Ford Mainwaring and everyone said it was a good place to work. My aim is to progress here and take on more senior roles. 

“I wanted an apprenticeship as I see learning as I work as a better way forward for me than studying at college. Here I get the knowledge from experienced colleagues, go to college to learn the theory once a week and get to work practically on the job.” 

Mitchell added: “I think you learn a lot more from being here and working to support your senior colleagues. We are always busy, but the team is patient, and everyone is happy to help us.”

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