Expansion and office move gives Now U Know Training confidence to grow in 2019

With pic: Hannah Durber and Heather Broadhurst in the new Now U Know Training office.

A move to a larger offices, employing an apprentice and work to improve customers’ online experience has set Now u Know Training on the right track for growth in 2019.

Now u Know‘s Managing Director Heather Broadhurst acted quickly to use funding from success in November’s Newcastle-under-Lyme Business Boost Awards to secure more space at the Lymedale Business Centre.

Heather said: “We have a detailed growth plan and this includes extra staff, therefore, we needed a bigger base. As a long-standing tenant at Lymedale, we took the opportunity to move from our two-person office into a bigger space within the building and we funded the move with the cash prize we won for business development at the Business Boost Awards.

As a result, new apprentice is set to start in early 2019, joining Heather and her colleague Hannah Durber in the office team. Plans are in place for a fourth team member in future.

Now u Know Training is a training provider and broker with a UK wide reach. The company is able to offer around 200 training courses to its clients in a diverse range of business areas.

“We have the ability to offer courses for almost any business at any venue across the UK. For example, we have access to experts offering everything from construction skills to corporate management courses,” Heather explained.

“Expansion of our head office team means that we can provide new support for customers. Our new apprentice, provided with support from Newcastle-under-Lyme College, will work with me on marketing and social media and this ties in with our improved website, offering easy search facilities, for companies looking for courses, and scope to develop more online training modules.”

Now u Know Training works in three different ways, offering courses direct to the public, operating as a broker for other training providers and supplying trainers to companies. The company checks all trainers’ qualifications and monitors performance by gaining high quality customer feedback.

The company was founded in 2015 as the training arm of Etruria Valley-based asbestos removal specialists, AIB Solutions and became independent under Heather’s management in 2016, sparking a major growth in the training courses offered by Now U Know.

For more information on Now u Know please go online to www.nuktraining.co.uk. Telephone 01782 480480..


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