New mortgage broker business launched in association with North Staffordshire estate agents

A North Staffordshire estate agency can now offer in house mortgage and insurance protection support.

Ramona Hirschi, owner of Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent, Biddulph and Leek, has founded Mortgage Advice Bureau Stoke-on-Trent, bringing in experienced local broker Mike Bowcock as a co-director.

The new firm will both enhance service for the estate agency’s customers and generate new business in the financial services sector.

“At Belvoir, my team has previously signposted customers to a range of  mortgage brokers but we want to provide an enhanced service,” said Ramona.

“Most people buying a house will need a mortgage, and we’d always advice house buyers to protect their investment, by taking out life insurance, critical illness and income protection – now they can do all of this with us in a seamless service.”

The Mortgage Advice Bureau is a well known and trusted national brand that has been servicing Belvoir clients for years, therefore, a natural fit with the Hanley-based Belvoir.

Co-director Mike has more than a decade of experience in financial services, having trained with building society, Leek United.

He said: “I have been looking for an opportunity to run my own mortgage brokerage business and, when I was introduced to Ramona, it all fell into place.

“A mortgage is the most important product most people will ever purchase and it’s satisfying to be able to set people on their way to home ownership. Protecting that investment is also crucial and responsible estate agents, such as Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent, Biddulph and Leek,  will always advise you to take out policies to protect your investment.

“Most people will be familiar with life insurance, and this will support a family by paying off a mortgage on the death of a policy owner, however, income protection is less well known. The question here is how would you pay your bills, including your mortgage, if illness, or an injury, meant you couldn’t work for a long time?

“Income protection generally triggers payments after three months off sick and you’ll generally receive around 70 per cent of your monthly income.

“It’s certainly worth noting that Statutory Sick Pay, from the government, is just under £100 a week for up to 28 weeks – could you pay your mortgage? Also, what happens after 28 weeks if you still can’t earn a living?”

Mike said that working under the Mortgage Advice Bureau brand would give his customers access to a wide range of options. The company has a panel of 90-plus lenders with access to over 12,000 mortgage products and an option to look outside these if needs be.

When Ramona took control of Belvoir Stoke-on-Trent in 2017, the Albion Street, Hanley based business was seen as under-performing and there were just two part time staff.

In 2022, the business has an eight-strong team, all staff have training and development programmes in place, and Belvoir is repeatedly ranked among the best performing lettings and estate agencies in the area.


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