Richard is on a mission to demystify HR and help business owners to avoid employment law pitfalls

A HR business owner has released his first book which is designed to demystify HR for business owners, helping companies to avoid employee conflict and legal claims.

“Sharing HR Mastery How to Save a Fortune in Legal Claims” by Richard Tunnicliffe of Order Employment Services (OES) is available as an eBook on Kindle and through Amazon.

Richard, of Baddeley Green, Stoke-on-Trent, said: “I work extensively with companies with 10 to 100 staff members, and these are often run by brilliant but very busy people. One thing they can’t do is to keep up with the ever-changing laws on employing people and how to work well with their team.

“My book is aimed directly at these brilliant businesses. It’s written as a practical “how to guide” designed to give them an easily understandable guide to both complying with the law and providing positive ways to work with their people using HR policies. I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you! My book, “Sharing HR Mastery: How to Save a Fortune in Legal Claims,” is now available for a limited time FREE via download from our website.

To claim your FREE copy of “Sharing HR Mastery: How to Save a Fortune in Legal Claims,” simply visit our website homepage at and follow the eBook link. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource designed exclusively for you, the brilliant and busy business owner.”

Richard said that many SME business managers feel overwhelmed by HR law and find it difficult to keep track of new legislation.

“In writing the text, I set out to provide the opposite of a dry, legal tome,” added Richard. “It is a guidebook filled with insider knowledge and actionable advice. Readers will learn how to conduct swift legal health checks, update HR policies without the headache, and manage employee relationships while avoiding costly legal pitfalls.

“You will discover how to turn potential liabilities into your greatest strengths by using tools that aren’t just about compliance but about driving your business forward.”

Richard founded Order Employment Services in 2020 on the back of over a decade of experience in HR and people management. He has worked with companies across all business sectors and has recently supplemented his research and knowledge base by going back to university to study for the Peter Coates MSc in Entrepreneurship at Staffordshire University.

He said: “Managing your team is your greatest responsibility and I set up Order Employment Services to ensure managers and business owners could feel they were being fully supported.”

Richard has developed a team of HR and employment law experts and has a planned growth strategy to expand Order Employment Services to a 10-strong team of local experts, offering services to SMEs across the Midlands and North West England.

He said: “Our ideal client is one we can get to know properly. We don’t want to provide general advice via phone, email, or app. We want to understand our clients’ businesses and work together.”

To find out more about OES please go online to or to get a copy of Sharing HR Mastery How to Save a Fortune in Legal Claims go to

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