Surge in module build sector leads to new contracts for BPA Safety

Safety experts BPA Safety have won a series of contracts as it reports growing demand in the modular build sector.

The Stoke-based company first worked to ensure safety in the sector 30 years ago and BPA Managing director Darren Bedson says modular build is enjoying a renaissance as demand rises following the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown.

Modular build projects typically see buildings built in factories and then transported in sections to a construction site where they are pieced together. Each project needs safety consultancy work to be carried-out both in the factory and on the building site.

Darren said BPA has recently won three contracts with modular build firms. “It’s a sector we are extremely familiar with as the modular build sector was strong when BPA was founded in 1987.

“It offers a highly efficient, just in time manufacturing solution. Buildings are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and are then delivered when sites have been prepared.

“We’re currently working on projects in England, Scotland and Ireland.

“It’s an area of work that we are keen to foster as the demand for reliable, efficient building solutions will continue to grow.”

Darren said that BPA has previously worked on many projects for the Ministry of Defence and in the healthcare, school and prison sectors. These include modular buildings at Colchester Garrison and at army training centres on Salisbury Plain, buildings for Kings College Hospital, London, and a  hospital in Bristol.

He added: “As a company we have made a decision to specialise in our core safety sectors, rather than to diversify and dilute the brand. In the module build sector, we’re experienced in producing health and safety manuals for the modular process from manufacture, through transportation, site preparation work, installation and building handover.

BPA Safety employ 6 safety experts who work across the UK, headed by Darren a Chartered Fellow of IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).



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