Travel expert John sets his sights on a bright new dawn for travel with Get Set Go rebrand

A North Staffordshire travel consultant has reacted decisively to a dreadful year for his industry by using his time to rebrand his business and to plan for a brighter future.

In common with everyone in the travel sector, John Lehnert has endured a difficult 2020 as coronavirus grounded planes and left cruise ships stranded at sea.

Determined to fight back, seasoned sales professional John, has set a new course for 2021 and beyond, rebranding his company as Get Set Go travel and future proofing the business with the introduction of his son, Matthew, into the travel sector.

John said: “Coronavirus has caused the biggest crisis in this industry that anyone has ever known, but the fundamentals remain… people love to travel.

“The only reaction to a crisis is to work hard to bounce back strongly and to prepare for the future, I have taken time to look at my business, identify the strengths and weaknesses and make changes.”

The Not Just Travel platform gives consultants the benefit of working independently with a large, trusted brand as part of the well-known Hays Travel empire.

Travel consultants have the ability to create their own identities and, working with brand specialists at Stoke-on-Trent company Graphix, John came up with the concept of Get Set Go.

Its distinctive branding introduces “Traveller Trevor”, a character designed to put the fun back into travel. John has worked with Stoke-on-Trent ATom Productions to produce a series of fun videos which will be released on social media to  launch Get Set Go and help potential travellers understand the benefits of using a travel consultant when organising holidays.

While working on the rebrand, John also decided to invite his son, Matthew, to join him in the business.

“I analysed where my customers were coming from and faced up to the fact that many were much like me; veteran travellers with a few miles on the clock,” explained John. “That’s great, as they are of an age where they may have a little more freedom to travel and explore the world. However, it means that the business is not supporting as many younger holidaymakers as we could and that’s where Matthew can help. He lives in Manchester and will network in that area, again expanding the reach of our business.

“Matthew is also more social media savvy than me and that’s a further area where we can grow our reach.”

Above all, John sees Get Set Go as bottling the joy of travel, adding: “People work extremely hard for all but a few weeks of the year and they crave the thrill of a holiday. For me, there’s nothing like exploring a new destination or returning to a favourite holiday destination. We will enjoy travel again soon and I’m ready to Get Set Go.”




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