Water hygiene engineer Tracey’s passion ensures staff stay safe at major science centre

Water hygiene professional Tracey Elston is helping to ensure staff safety at the Loughborough site of global contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing group, Almac.

Tracy, a site engineer with SAS Water Ltd ensures water at Almac’s Charnwood laboratory facilities are protected against Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.

“I visit Almac weekly and have built up positive relationships on site,” said Tracey, who was presented with a cake by SAS Water and flowers by Almac to celebrate her 60th birthday.

“The Almac site has showers that are regularly used by lab technicians and it’s vital to ensure safety. Many people probably know very little about Legionella safety work, but I am here at least once a week, taking temperatures, carrying-out weekly flushing and ensuring all water outlets are thoroughly cleaned.

“I feel as though I’m part of the Almac family and I’m a big believer in the importance of building relationships as that way people will ask questions and respond to advice on Legionella control, not only while at work, but at home and during their leisure time. Good water hygiene can save lives.”

Lizzie Ward, SAS Water’s Managing Director, said: “Tracey’s positive relationships with everyone she works with are fantastic for the company and we wanted to say thank you as she turns 60.

“We also want to emphasise that it’s never too late to change your career. Tracey came to us eight years ago after working in childcare and she’s been a real asset to SAS Water.

“At SAS Water, we’re always happy to talk to people of any age about job opportunities.”

Tracey, of Ashbourne, said joining SAS Water gave her a chance of a new start, explaining “I loved working in a nursery, but I didn’t want to be scrabbling around on the floor as I got older.”

She added: “Along with duties at Almac, I also carry out legionella control in buildings at East Staffordshire District Council, a brick manufacturer in Tamworth, and a business park in Derby.

“SAS Water give all staff regular learning and training opportunities and I then try to pass on my knowledge to people I meet. For example, asking people to flush their showers on their return from holiday, and ensuring showerheads and taps are cleaned thoroughly.

“By explaining how legionella can be an issue in everyday life, it often makes an impact on how people view water hygiene at work.”

Legionella bacteria grows in stagnant water and multiplies in temperatures between 20-45°C. Breathing in aerosols containing the bacteria can result in Legionnaires’ disease which is a severe form of pneumonia.

SAS Water Ltd is based in Leek, Staffordshire and works across England and Wales, with clients in sectors including health care, manufacturing, hotels, holiday lodges, sport, and leisure.


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